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Bahnhofstraße 1
54662 Speicher
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Sweet coffee bits

We have sweet craftsmanship at its finest. In addition to our popular breads and rolls, we also produce a changing selection of cakes, coffee pieces, pastries, Danish pastries and sweet pastries in our bakery every day. You simply have to try the small, light and airy yeast pastries, snails, American, pig’s ears, nut wedges, pudding, strawberry pastries, donuts, butter croissants, cinnamon rolls, apple snails, donuts and pastries and so on. Every single pastry gets its unique taste from selected, regional, natural ingredients and skilled craftsmanship. It goes without saying that we do not use purchased dough blanks, ready-made baking mixes or even artificial flavors for our sweet pastries. Here, too, each dough is freshly made. According to old baking tradition.